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Building Construction

Henx India believes that the Home is the foundation of a family’s future. Henx believes in providing a home with no strings attached to transform communities through security and safety.

Commercial Construction

Henx group is a leading commercial construction company that specializes in the designing, development, and building of restaurants, retail outlets, shopping centers, hospitality, office, and industrial projects across the country. As been a renowned construction organization, we adhere towards strict project guidelines and schedules and help our clients in acquiring setups that are well within their budgets.

Expert Advice, Excellent Services for Commercial Construction Services

Joined ventures

As there are many good business and commercial reasons to create a new joint venture (JV) with a reputed builder that has complementary capabilities and resources, such as expertise in construction, using the latest technology, adequate finance, and the ability to market the end product faster, joint ventures are becoming an increasingly common way for companies to develop residential, commercial and corporate complexes.
Due Diligence – checking the credentials of the other party (“trust and verify” – trust the information you receive from the prospective partner, but it’s a good business practice to verify the facts through interviews with third parties) development of an exit strategy.

Redevelopment Society

Redevelopment is a highly complex process requiring a great deal of attention and detail. It involves meticulously following various norms laid down by the authorities as well as understanding and fulfilling the needs of the existing members of society. We at HENX believe that one cannot do proper justice to redevelopment while being involved in other activities. In order to do Redevelopment in the proper manner, we have set up HENX India, a company with a dedicated team of highly motivated individuals to take up only Redevelopment projects. HENX India is imbibed with all the values and beliefs that have made HENX India the household name that it has become today As the old addresses and landmarks of Pune seek a breath of fresh air, redevelopment has become the most desired upgrade for Pune’s connoisseurs of lifestyle.
HENX INDIA Group have developed a expertise in understanding this need for evolution, and people’s expectations from it and delivering an evolved space that celebrates the new lifestyle, while nurturing the traditional charm of Pune.

Agrotourism Development

Agritourism: a successful and growing example of sustainable tourism in India.
Agritourism offers farmers the possibility of diversifying and generating additional income through on-farm touristic activities in order to help supplement their low agricultural income. This help us to maintain the visibility of active farms and rural communities. The more general understanding of agritourism states that agritourism activities support and promote agricultural resources, traditions, and culture in the entire world. Following this line of thought, agritourism results be a successful example of sustainable tourism that has gained importance over the years.

Our New Site Project

Site Address: Anand Vihar Vitthalwadi Sinhgad Road Pune 51